“The Online Zoo” goes around the world

The Education Sector of UNESCO has recently published a handbook, part of a two-part kit:
Empowering students for just societies: A handbook for primary school teachers

I am very excited that the children’s book “The Online-Zoo”, that I worked on as an illustrator has been included.

The handbooks provide relevant and accessible educational resources to teachers and teacher trainers aiming to support the development of youth who are critically informed, socially connected and ethically responsible and engaged.

The publications are available in English and Spanish and, currently French and Arabic versions are in the works.

Here’s a quick review of the book’s journey so far:

“The Online Zoo is not an ordinary zoo. At this zoo, it’s not only Director Elsa who goes online; the animals are using the internet as well. Smartphones, tablet PCs and laptops are part of daily life at the zoo. During her daily tour around the zoo, Director Elsa discovers that the internet and all the electronic devices can cause challenges. Panda Paul is being cybermobbed by the hyena, giraffe Greta accidentally ordered stuffed animals on the internet and monkey Maurice can’t stop playing with his smartphone. Will Director Elsa be able to help all the animals?”