Centrifuge (Schleudern)
Drama, 2011
Production: Filmacademy Vienna

After fleeing a violent attack by her husband a woman and her little son seek refuge in a laundry.

Drama, 2013
Production: Filmacademy Vienna

JAN, 41 years old, is serving a period of home detention under electronic monitoring. One day he meets 16-year-old INA, who lives in the same apartment building with her exhausted mother.

Drama, 2016
Production: Filmacademy Vienna

A young couple’s fight puts their fresh relationship to the test.

Drama, 2018
Production: Filmacademy Vienna

Upon meeting the very down-to-earth Esra, narcissistic Adam sets out to conquer her. But his superficiality soon becomes a stumbling block – and bit by bit, his facade starts to crack.