Mariam Hage

2017, Short
20 min./HD/
Written and directed by




When Adam, a narcissist, meets the very down-to-earth Esra, he tries to impress and conquer her. The story of a shallow man who’s forced to face his inner self.

Cast: Mariam Hage, Achmed Abdel-Salam, Alexey Hartlieb-Shea, Nicola Neuer
DoP: Mathias Seebacher
Editing: Matthias Writze
Sound: Norbert Bichler, Anna Grenzfurthner, a.o.
Producer: Saskia Arth


Omissions (Auslassungen)

Ali Abdel-Salam

2017, Essayfilm
22 min./HD/
Conceptualized, written and directed by

Work in progress



In Fabruary 2012 director Achmed Abdel-Salam travels to Egypt with his father, who was born and spent half of his life there. One year after the president’s downfall the aftereffects of the revolution are still very noticeable throughout the country. The filmmaker uses this scenario to reflect on identity and the shortcomings of language. The camera is glancing at faces that tell stories of their own, or catching glimpses of moments which could easily serve as miniatures of a broken system. In its narrative center, however, the film deals with a father-son relationship and the wish for finding ways of communicating with one another.

Cast: Ali Abdel-Salam, Sabry Nagy, Hamada Nagy, u.a.



Yana Eresina
Achmed Abdel-Salam

2016, Short
8 min./HD/
Filmacademy Vienna
Written and directed by



A young couple. An argument. A conciliation and shared moments of silence.

A film about intimacy and the limits of verbalizing emotions.

Cast: Yana Eresina, Achmed Abdel-Salam
DoP: Anna Hawliczek
Sound: Thead Schifferdecker
Producer: Dominik Brauweiler


TAGGED (freigänger)

Julia Plach

2013, Short
12 min./16mm
Filmacademy Vienna
Written and directed by




JAN, 41 years old, wears an electronic tag. More than 6 months he spent in prison. Now he’s serving a period of home detention under electronic monitoring. Before that he was a teacher. Today he works as a mechanic in his father’s garage.
One day he meets 16-year-old INA, who lives in the same apartment building with her exhausted mother.

Cast: Johannes Zeiler, Julia Plach
DoP: Mathias Seebacher
Editing: Melanie Ratz
Sound: Michael Zachhuber
Producer: Nikolai Gemel


CENTRIFUGE (schleudern)

Margot Binder, Elias Kollarits

2011, Short
11 min./16mm
Filmacademy Vienna
Writtend and directed by




At night-time a woman and her little son rush into a self-service laundry. A bloody shirt has to be cleaned. While the seemingly traumatized mother is busy trying to calm down, the boy starts talking to the only other customer – an insomniac man. Their casual chat takes a turn, when the boy asks him the same question his mother already couldn’t answer: “What’s it like being dead?

Cast: Margot Binder, Elias Kollarits, Massud Rahnama
DoP: Mathias Seebacher
Sound: Anna Hawliczek, Jessica Lind
Producer: Lena Weiss



Mike Wanzenböck

2011, Documentary
8 min./16mm
Filmacademy Vienna
Conceptualized and directed by




The workshop shall enchant people. And people shall enchant the workshop. That’s how it shall be.
– Mike Wanzenböck