©Ulli Abdel-Salam

Achmed Abdel-Salam was born on April 29th, 1983 in Vienna, Austria. His passion for storytelling developed as early as his childhood, when he would draw his favorite cartoon characters, creating whole new adventures for them. At the age of 10 his interest in writing started to grow. He enjoyed composing poems, short stories and fan fiction. During his time in high school Achmed discovered his talent for acting and decided to pursue a career in it.


In 2010 Achmed was accepted at the Filmacademy Vienna where he studied Screenwriting and Dramaturgy, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in 2014. Currently he is attending the Master’s Program.

Achmed has written numerous Shorts and Feature Films. In 2013 his feature film treatment The Edge won him the Carl Mayer Young Talent Prize at the Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film. The following year he was awarded a screenwriting scholarship by the Literar Mechana, an Austrian copyright collecting society. In 2016 his horror film screenplay The Visiting has been selected for Script Development Funding, and in 2018 for Project Development Funding by the Austrian Film Institue.